Jungle Tracking

Hi, today I’ll tell you about my jungle tracking experience a couple of days ago when I went camping at Lubok Manggis camp and resort. It was early in the morning when we had our breakfast and got ready for the trip.

When everyone was ready, we started the long, tiring journey to find the waterfall. First we went pass the other camps and resorts. Then we went into the jungle. We passed lakes, slippery mud, dried leaves and deep puddles.

My clothes were wet, shoes were soaking, hands shaking, legs aching. It was a tiring journey without having a rest. I was itching a lot. There was mosquitoes everywhere. One of them managed to get up my sleeve.

At last, we found the waterfall. We all splashed about while the organizer sorted out the other things. It was fun. The water was freezing. I fell on the rocks many times. Some of my friends got sucked by leeches. My teachers got sucked too. They were bleeding.

When we were all tired and hungry, we cooked noodles in bamboo tubes. Once everyone was full the teachers let us play a bit more in the water before we headed home. The journey back to the camp was an even longer walk. We were all exhausted by the time we reached our campsite.

So that’s my experience inside the jungle. What’s yours?

Two little girls

Two little girls playing in the sun
one wore a scarf, the other wore none.
“Why do you wear a scarf?” asked the one without,
the other little girl said without a doubt
“Allah loves me to cover my hair
so that little boys won’t stand and stare,
when I grow up what I really want to be
is a well dressed Muslim lady like my pretty Mummy.”


A Good Neighbour

Here is a poem written by me. It is about how to be good to our neighbors.

To your neighbors lend a hand,

Show them that you understand.

They have the rights we have to protect,

Show them kindness and respect.

When they are in trouble, help repair,

For your neighbors you have to care.

Lend an ear and listen too,

If they are worried help them through.

To your neighbors give a smile,

Spend time with them for a while.

Give your neighbor all his needs,

And Allah will reward your deeds.

I hope you like the poem and will learn a lesson from this poem. thank you.

My Ramadhan Routine

It’s the month of Ramadhan! All muslims have to do lots of things in the month of Ramadhan. Today I’ll be telling you about my routine. I practice this routine throughout the whole month.

First of all, I wake up and Qiyamullail. Qiyamullail is waking up at night. Then I’d go downstairs and have Sahur. Sahur is eating before daybreak to start the fast. Normally, for Sahur, I’d eat rice, vegetables and meat.

I won’t have lunch because I’m fasting. So when it’s midday, I would read one Juz’ of the Quran. A Juz’ is a chapter of the Quran which is the holy book of Islam. I would read one Juz’ a day so I can khatam this Ramadhan. Khatam means we have finished reciting the whole Quran.

In the evening, I will help my mum get ready for Iftar. Iftar is breaking the fast. then when we hear the Azan, we are allowed to eat. Azan is the call to prayer. We recite dua’ before we eat so we can thank Allah for the blessings he has given us. A dua’ is a supplication.

This is what happens to me in the holy month of Ramadhan. This is my Ramadhan routine. What’s yours?

Burst of colors on a tray of milk

This is an experiment that I have tried myself. It is called the color symphony. It was very easy and the results were AMAZING.

I got the food coloring and a flat tray from the cupboard, detergent from the sink and milk from the fridge. Then I put them in a suitable place to do the experiment outside.

i wondered what will happen as I poured some milk into the tray. Then I carefully put some drops of food coloring. Pink, blue and yellow blobs were covering the milk.

Then, when I was ready, I put in the detergent and…….Wow! the colors shift and make a beautiful masterpiece. So when I put even more detergent in the colors, they become more and more beautiful.

And that was the end of the experiment. If you want to try it, go ahead! Enjoy watching a beautiful, colorful masterpiece.


How to make lava in a cup

If you are wondering on how to make your own lava, try this experiment. Find out what happens to the lava in the cup.

* A clear drinking glass
* 1/4 cup vegetable oil
* 1 teaspoon salt
* Water
* Food coloring

First, you have to fill the glass with 3/4 full of water. Then, add at least 5 drops of food coloring. You can use red if you want. It makes the lava look better.

Next, slowly pour vegetable oil into the cup. You can see how the water and oil separates. The oil floats on the water because it’s more lighter and less thick.

Lastly, to make the experiment work, put in the teaspoon of salt on top of the oil. Look at the lava moving up and down in the cup. If you want to keep it going, just add some more salt.

So this is the end of the experiment. Did you have fun? If the experiment didn’t work, keep trying again and again.

How to make Lava lamps

You might be curious on how to make lava lamps. Anyway, what are lava lamps?  You’ll soon find out after reading this post. Have fun.

To make lava blobs, you must have the ingredients. The ingredients are:

-1 clear plastic bottle

-3/4 cups of water


-food coloring

-fizzing tablets

First, you pour the water into the bottle. Then you pour in the oil until the bottle is full. Wait until both of the liquids separate.

After that, put at least 10 drops of food coloring in the liquid mixture. The drops will pass the oil and mix with the water beneath.

Next, break a fizzing tablet in half and drop the half tablet into the bottle. Watch it sink to the bottom and let the blobby greatness begin!

To keep the blobs going,  just add another piece of tablet. For a real lava lamp, shine a light from beneath the bottle.

Did you have fun? If this experiment didn’t work, try again.


How to make an erupting Volcano!

Do you know how to make a volcano? You don’t? If you want to know, read the post below. It’s just as simple as this.

First you need the ingredients. You won’t have to go to the supermarket because you might already have then at home. The ingredients are:

- Warm water

- Baking soda

- Vinegar

- Detergent

-Food coloring

First, you pour the warm water into a bottle. If you want to make the bottle stable you could place large stones around it or wrap the bottle with some dough.

Next, you pour some detergent into the hot water. Then put in a couple of drops of coloring food. I would suggest red coloring food because it’s the natural color of lava. If you don’t have it then you can use any sort of color.

After that, put a couple spoons of baking soda. Don’t get mixed up between baking soda and baking powder. If you put in the baking powder it wouldn’t work.

Finally, pour in the vinegar and……….POOF! The lava squirts out of the volcano. So this is your erupting volcano.

If you have enjoyed reading this try it at home, but ask an adult first. You must always get permission before doing messy experiments like this one.


The Importance of Road Safety

Are your kids jumping about in the car? Or are they kicking and hopping in their seats? Maybe it’s because you don’t teach them about road safety.

‘What is road safety?’ you may ask. Road safety are rules to keep you safe on the road . For example, ‘we all need to wear our seat belts when driving in the car’. Another example is ‘kids need to sit in the rear’.

Is road safety important? Yes! Road safety rules are really important because without them, roads will be dangerous. There will be lots of car accidents and people could get serious injuries. Some people might lose their memories after a car accident. Sometimes, the other people in the same car might get blamed.

So remember all the road safety rules and be careful when you go for a drive! bye

Brave Nusaibah

This is the life, of Nusaibah bint Kaab,

Her life really is, special and fab.


From a well-known tribe, The tribe Bani Najjar,

In Medina Al- Munawwarah, where there isn’t a car.


She is a brave warrior, she fought in a battle,

With courage and with strength, she didn’t even babble.


She was a great women, she tried all men’s best sports.

She was not afraid, to try to do stuff all sorts.


She was a great muslim, she defended our religion.

She battled like a lion, and counted it as a mission.


So now you know this story, about a glorious woman,

Who just happens to be,  a wonderful human.