The Sea Life Saver ( contest project )

The ocean covers more than half of our planet. We cannot live without it. That is why we have to protect it in any way we can. Our ocean is full of nature and wildlife that we just simply love and treasure. It is our job to save sea life!

With the ‘Sea Life Saver’ or the SLS for short, we can save the ocean like no vehicle has done before. The SLS has many tools that are very useful for helping all kinds of sea creatures.

The sea life saver has a incredible mechanical animal saver which looks like two gigantic robot arms. It is used to save endangered sea animals such as sea turtles and sharks. It’s little scissor fingers can cut through net wires to let the creature out.

Another useful tool used in the SLS is the intelligent water freshener. It sucks in the dirty sea water and cleans it from harsh chemicals and other dangerous liquids that could harm the sea animals. It then lets out the fresh and clean water back into the sea.

There are many people who don’t take responsibility of their garbage and just throw it into the sea. Garbage can do all sorts of nasty things to underwater creatures. That is why we put three garbage suckers on top of the SLS. It is a useful tool to help the animals from getting stuck inside the garbage which could lead to severe death.

The SLS also has a fish feeder. The ocean creatures need to hunt for their food, so we want to make their job easier. Another reason why we created the fish feeder is because we want to save the endangered animals. Our feeder can help the endangered animals eat easily so they can keep alive and stay strong until they reproduce. Another feature about the fish feeder is that the food coming out of it can be eaten by any type of sea creatures.

There are many ways to help protect the ocean. But we’ve combined it all up in one magnificent, intelligent, incredible, useful vehicle called The Sea Life Saver. May the Sea Life Saver help protect the incredible ocean wildlife.

Amazing 10-day-trip-to-Surabaya (Day 1)

Hello World! Today I will share with you about my experience of staying in Surabaya, Indonesia. Me, my friend Ilwani and 9 other TKRSM cadets represent our school in this trip.We will be going to the Pramuka SIT National Camp in Surabaya, Indonesia. All the other schools under Ikram Musleh sent their representatives too. Together, we represent Malaysia’s Tunas Kadet Remaja Sekolah. It was a wonderful experiecnce. I can’t wait to share it.

Saturday, 31st August, 4;00 am.

Ilwani and me arrived at the airport at about 4:15 am. We had a small briefing about checking in and boarding passes. After that, we all checked in our bags. It was a long queue since there were over 100 of us wanting to check in our bags.

6:00 am

After going through all the security systems we finally reached the gates. Then we had breakfast while we were waiting to board the airplane. After a few minutes, we boarded the plane. Inside the plane, we had a small briefing about emergency exits and the do’s and dont’s. Then we buckeled our seat belts and took for lift off.

8:00 am ( Surabaya Time)

We landed at Surabaya Airport safely. After collecting our bags, we headed for our bus. We had a long 5 hour bus ride! It was absolutely exhausting. But finally we reached the destination. We went to a place which had many dormitories to stay in. Since we were in the first plane, we arrived early and got to rest for the whole day while waiting for the rest of us to arrive.

4 tips to save your money on your trip to Legoland Malaysia

Some people will spend the amount of RM500 for a family of four at Legoland. That’s just the cost for one day at the theme park! You also have to think about your meals, hotels and other important stuff. You would have used up more than half of your wallet! That’s a lot of money! Some people can’ t afford to go to legoland because of those prices. We need to find a way to make sure our wallets are still thick and full by the day we head home. Then, everyone can enjoy a great holiday at legoland.

1. Maybank Card Promotion.  If you have a Maybank Credit or Debit Card, make sure you show it to the person at the counter. That flat piece of plastic could make your price turn from RM400 to RM260!! That’s almost half the price. But you must hurry because the promotion lasts until 31st December 2015.

2. Find a cheap place to stay. The reason we’re saying this is because we want you to look again at the prices of a room at legoland hotel. The price is twice more expensive than a normal hotel. If you want to stay a the legoland hotel, that’s ok! But we’re just telling you that there are more cheaper, comfortable hotels that are way more cheaper than the legoland hotel. We recommend staying at The Pulai Springs Resort. The resort contains a 2 luxury spas, 2 golf courses, 2 swimming pool areas, an arcade and a cozy and pleasant hotel with a view of the green golf course. And the price for one night is half the price of the legoland hotel.

3. Make sure you check the weather forecast before you buy your tickets. Before you enter the park, you should turn on your phone for a minute and check the weather forecast. The reason is, when it rains, all the outdoor rides will be closed.  And most of the rides are outdoor. Then the rain might not stop for a long while and then you decide to go home. That day at legoland is not worth the money that you have payed. You payed at least RM400 for four tickets. Yet, you only got to ride on only a few rides. So if you know that day will rain, you should find a day where it wouldn’t rain, so you can enjoy a day worth RM400 with your family.

4. Bring a raincoat from home. Since it always rains in the rainy season, you need to bring a raincoat from home because if you want to buy it for your whole family a a legoland store, it’s going to cost a fortune. The price for one raincoat is RM12! If you bought the raincoats outside of legoland, it would have cost you RM3 each! You could have bought 4 raincoats with the money you spent buying just one legoland raincoat. So make sure you bring a raincoat from home so you don’t end up perched under the restaurant roof.

So now you know what to remember to do a legoland so you could save lots of money! You could save lots of money enough to pay your school fees, but not enough to buy a laptop. But still, that’s a lot of money! So remember, bring a raincoat from home and make sure you check the weather before going there! Bye! Have a great time at legoland!!



What is an Instagram contest?

What is an Instagram contest? Basically, an instagran contest is a contest that is held in instagram. But there is not only one kind of instagram contests. There are many types of contests that are held in instagram every year.

What are the types of instagram contests? There are many types of instagram contests such as selfie, tag and win, share and win etc. The most famous contests are the selfie ones and tag and win.

Since selfie contests are the most famous contests on Instagram, there is always a great number of selfie contests held every day. Selfie contest prizes are normally based on the sponsors. For example, if you win a selfie contest sponsored by a chocolate company, you might get a hamper full of chocolates and candy!

Little boy photographing himself makes selfie isolated

Another famous contest is the tag and win contest. There are two types of tag and win contests. You either have to tag your friends to the sponsors post or you have to tag the sponsor on your post. The tag-your-friends-to-the-sponsors-post contest is usually a giveaway contest.The sunseasandMB contest held by Marrybrown Malaysia is an example of a tag-the-sponsor-to-your-post-contest.


How do you find contests on Instagram? Usually a contest on Instagram will have key words on the post. For example, ‘contest’ or ‘win’. When you have found a contest that you want to enter, read the terms and conditions first. Then you will know what to do to win.

Why do people enter Instagram contests? Lots of people enter contests on instagram because it is easy to find there. You don’t need to go to your local supermarket to get the contest forms or buy lots of stuff to collect barcodes. Another reason is that contests on instagram are easy to enter. You can enter many entries online but if you use forms you can only enter one entry.

food contest

Who actually won instagram contests? And what prizes did they get?  An example of an instagram contest winner is @sharifahsakinah. She won a selfie contest on instagram sponsored by Malaysia Airlines. Her photo of her her dad stood out from all the rest of the entries because her photo has been edited to become collage. She won a 3D/2N Langham Hotel Voucher and 250,000 Enrich Miles+.

Another example is the Marrybrown Malaysia @sunseasandMB contest. The weekly winners are @tiefazatie and @jamesjay92. The winners recieved 8GB USB Flash Drive and a Marrybrown voucher worth RM10x5.

stylodads contest marrybrown contest

Now you know all about Instagram contests. They are just simple online contests that everyone love. I hope you too will enter lots of contests on Instagram. Good luck!!!

What is a selfie contest?

What is a selfie contest? Basically, a selfie contest is a contest where you need to take a photo of yourself and send it to the promoter of the contest to be judged. If your photo stands out from the rest and qualifies the terms and conditions, the judges will choose your photo and hooray!, you are the winner!!

How do you find a selfie contest? A selfie contest is probably the most famous online contest, so it will be easy to find it on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram etc. Normally the selfie contest’s title would have the word ‘selfie’ or ‘photo’. Sometimes the title is unique, for example: Snap & Win. You just need to think logically whether it’s a selfie contest or not.

Why do people enter selfie contests? A selfie contest is one of the most easy online contests there is. And it becomes very popular because it is so much fun too. It is really fun because we need to take a picture while doing something that is fun. For example, you would have to take a selfie while relaxing and drinking milkshakes with your friends.

Another thing is because selfie contests are really easy to enter. You don’t need to spend lots of time finding slogans to write or buying many products to collect the barcodes.  We just need to snap a picture and send it to the promoter. So it wouldn’t be tiring for you.

Who actually won these contests and how do they win? What prizes do they get?  For example, the winner of the Selfie With Mom 2015 contest was won by Haley and her mom. Their picture stood out from the rest of the entries for many reasons.

The photo had a nice bright background with no shadows or anything disturbing. The main subject (Haley and her mom) had matching colours on so it looked very classic. The picture didn’t have lots of exciting colours that will make the photo less attractive.The lucky winners recieved a prize of two night accomodations for two and tickets to Callaway Gardens, full of fun outdoor activities!

Winner of the Selfie With Mom 2015 contest

Winner of the Selfie With Mom 2015 contest











Here is another example of contest winners.

Pos Malaysia 'Merdeka FlexiPack Selfie'

Pos Malaysia ‘Merdeka FlexiPack Selfie’


So now you know what a selfie contest is. It’s an easy-to-win, fun contest where you need to snap a picture and post it online to get the prizes of your dreams. Good luck searching for a selfie contest! If you win, tell us in the comment box below. Have fun!





Kenapa peraduan diadakan?

Kenapa peraduan diadakan? Biasanya peraduan diadakan oleh penganjur kerana mahu mempromosikan produk mereka. Pemenang peraduan akan mendapat produk mereka sebagai hadiah, dan jika mereka berpuas hati dengan produk itu, mereka akan menggalakkan rakan-rakan dan keluarganya untuk membeli produk itu kerana mereka percaya kepada produk itu. Dengan itu, pelanggan dan juga penganjur akan untung.

Peraduan adalah sebuah permainan seperti pertandingan. Anda mungkin memenangi apa sahaja yang anda inginkan dari memenangi peraduan. Mungkin anda berpeluang mendapat tiket perlancongan ke Hong Kong. Ataupun anda mungkin mendapat sebuah Samsung Note 5. Siapa yang tidak inginkan semua hadiah-hadiah ini, kan?

Hadiah peraduan adalah tiket untuk memenuhi hasrat dan impian anda dalam masa yang singkat. Jika anda adalah orang yang berimpian besar, anda hanya perlu mengambil sebuah langkah kecil untuk merealisasikan impian tersebut.

Adakah anda inginkan perasaan teruja bercampur takut dan gembira apabila membuka kotak yang tertera nama syarikat yang biasa anda lihat di skrin MacBook anda? Perasaan hebat itu hanya berlaku jika anda memenangi peraduan. Anda juga boleh mendapat panggilan telefon yang mengatakan kata-kata yang membuatkan anda menangis kerana terlalu gembira:

“Tahniah, anda telah memenangi sebuah iPhone 6!!!”

Hadiah itu tidak semestinya sebuah iPhone 6. Tetapi ia boleh juga menjadi hadiah set produk kecantikan untuk ibu anda ataupun sebuah TV Plasma 42′ untuk diletakkan di bilik anda. Anda mungkin juga berpeluang untuk mendapat baucar bernilai RM100,000 untuk dibelanja di kedai kegemaran anda. Dengan kemahiran dan taktik yang tepat, keseronokan ini boleh menjadi milik anda!


3 Tips on how to Win an Online Contest

Hello world! So what are we talking about today? Today we will talk about how we will win a regular online contest. I will give you three awesome tips to help you win.  So sit back and read this blog until the end.

1.Aim the game. You need to plan how you are going to win. Read through all the instructions to enter the contest. The instructions are normally written on the first page. After you know how to win, you need to plan a strategy on how to win.

When you have your strategy, you can win easily. For example, if the contest is the type of contest where we

2. Hit the target. After planning your strategy, you need to have a target. Check out who has the most score or who has the most chances to win. If the contest is a game contest, find out who is on the top of the scoreboard. That person’s score will be your target.

3. Work hard. To win, you have to work hard. You need to play the game everyday or collect lots of points everyday. You must put a reminder on your phone to remind you to collect those points. Ask your friends and family to help you too.

Now you know how you can win an online contest. Make sure you follow my tips to get that prize. Remember, aim the game, hit the target and work hard. Goodbye.


Biography of a Contest Winner

Have you ever experienced the tingly feeling that people get when the whole family is sitting in a circle in the living room just staring at a white parcel that has been sent from a well-known international brand. After that you must get the can’t-wait-feeling as your dad slowly pulls the crinkly packaging from the box. Don’t you just love it when that happens? Anyway, who doesn’t like opening a white box full of prizes that your dad won?

In my house, the atmosphere is just like that almost every week. You wanna know why? It’s because my dad is a man who wins lots and lots of contests. Every time we go shopping, my dad always stops at the customer service desk to grab all the contest forms. When there is a company organizing a contest online, normally he will be one of the first to enter.

My dad enters all types of contests no matter what the terms are. Sometimes the contests are just an easy quiz trivia or a contest where you need to enter a number located on the cap of a coke bottle. But sometimes the contests are the hard, easy-to-win slogan contests or the who-collects-the-most-barcodes wins competition. The terms or rules are no problem for my dad.

Notice how I said “hard, easy-to-win slogan…”in the paragraph above. That is one of my dad’s secrets. He enters lots of contests that no other people want to enter because of the terms. Normally, people will enter a contest that you just have to submit your answer to a very easy question and then wait for your luck. But my dad goes for the ones that people don’t want to enter so he will have a chance to win if there are not many other participants.

My dad has won prizes since I was little. He has won prizes of all sorts. Sometimes it’s a box full of beauty products for my mum. Sometimes he get all those cool gadgets like phones or iPads. My dad won prizes worth RM100,000 in 2 years. winner 123

Sometimes my dad gets gift vouchers worth from RM50 to hundreds of ringgit! But those gift vouchers and beauty products are just the start. My dad won a car and a motorcycle too! The car came just in time before my little sister was born. So we got a brand new car for a brand new family.

So if you want to live a sweet life like ours, tell your dad to be an awesome contest winner like mine. I hope your family will soon get the tingly sensation when you open that big white parcel from a well-known international brand. To get a view of other contests and their winners in Malaysia, go to Enjoy!


How to get an amazing, free, easy-to-use website using

Has someone recently asked you ‘Do you know how to get a free website?’. You might not know how to answer that question. But after you read this post, I guarantee that you will have the knowledge to teach others about creating a free website.

Step 1: Sign up. Firstly, go to Then you have to sign up in the space given to create an account. You must remember your password because when you want to customize your website afterwards, you must enter in your username and password at homepage.

Step 2: Set up your account. Once you sign up, a page will say ‘SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT’. Fill in the blanks on that page so they know what kind of website you are looking for. And after that enter your site name.

Step 3: Choose your ideal theme. You have to choose a theme as a template for your website. The theme can be changed later but for now you must choose one. Even though your theme has it’s own pictures, you can always change them.

Step 4: Choose domain name. Now you have to choose a domain name for your website. You have two choices of domains. You could either choose a custom domain or a webs subdomain. If you want a free website, then you have to choose a subdomain. Then select a package for your domain name.

Step 5: Customize. Now you have to edit the whole of your website. You have to add all the text, pictures and structures. You have to work on all the pages on your website. If you want to add more of the text after you have logged out, you can still add some more. Just go back to and sign in.

Step 6: Publish. After you are satisfied with the appearence of your website, then click the publish button on the top right of the page. Once you have done that, go and visit your finished website.

Now you know what to do when someone asks you about creating websites. have fun creating your own amazing, free, easy-to-use website. See you soon!


What are the Differences Between Contests, Giveaway and Sweepstakes?

Everyday, we get news about lots and lots of competitions. But didn’t you notice that some are called contests. And others are called giveaway or sweepstakes. Haven’t you thought, what are the differences between these three words?

Well, the answer is simple. Contests, giveaways or sweepstakes are just the same. They give prizes to the participants. That means their customers recieve some of their products. After we use their products, we will buy even more of their products when we know about their. So, basically, they are trying to get us to buy their products.

The difference between the three are what they call the competition. They only name the competition differently because of the language in certain countries are not the same. But there are still a comparison between the three. It is important to know this if you or your company are giving your customers or readers a “free” prize.

First of all, if you pick the winner of your giveaway based on their skill to win the prize and your participants have to pay some value to participate in the then your competition is a contest. For example, you have to play a game. Whoever gets the highest score is the winner.

Second,  if your participants do not have to pay value or use any skill to participate, you’re running a giveaway. You are giving prizes to people and they do not give you anything. An example of a giveaway is when the participants have to tag your company’s name on their pictures to get a free handbag. But there must be some rules like the picture has to be a picture of you standing in front of their store.

Lastly, Sweepstakes are a game of chance. An example is you write your name down on a list. And then they put the names in a big box and just randomly fish out some names. Then those lucky names are the winners.

So now you know what is the difference contests, giveaway and sweepstakes. So if you get any news about any contests, giveaway or sweepstakes with exciting prizes, you know what you must do to win that prize.