Why Time Management is Important

What is time management and why is it so important? Time management is keeping track of your time. It is very important because it is the number one skill you need to learn if you want to become successful.

If you study and practice time management you take your life in your own hands. Your in control and you decide where you want to go to or what you want to do. Successful people become successful because they know how to manage their time. If you see rich people with a big car and house, they are practicing time management.

When you practice time management, you will get extra free time. To do that, you must make a schedule of the things you need to do. The schedule should include where you need to go and what you need to do at any time of the day. It can be like a chart or a list. When you don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go to, you can enjoy that free time. You can go out with your family, visit your friends or reward yourself by going to cinema.

Once you get the hang of making daily schedules, you can work, learn and play easily. You will get to finish your paperwork, go to your evening classes and play with your friends. Me and my family practice time management and we live a happy life up to this day.

Now you know why time management is important. Practicing time management has lots of benefits. You will have more free time with your family, you will keep track of your time and you will be able to control your everyday life.

Bayou Lagoon vs. Sunway Lagoon

We all love going on holiday. Bayou Lagoon and Sunway Lagoon are good places to visit with your family. Today we will compare those two water parks and see which one is better worth going. We will see what the differences and the similarities are.

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort is placed in Malacca, Malaysia. There is also a hotel beside the water park. When I went there, my family didn’t stay at the hotel. Bayou Lagoon has some thrilling slides to ride on. There is a 5-lane slide to ride with your family members. This slide was really fun because we felt like flying.. When my mum tried it, she didn’t go for a second time. The cost of the entrance ticket is quite cheap. The cost for one person is RM10. Children below 3 feet can go in free.

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Sunway Lagoon is one of the largest water parks in Malaysia. There are plenty of rides to ride try. Sunway Lagoon is famous with it’s Vuvuzela. The Vuvuzela is the world’s largest water slide. But unfortunately, when my family went there, it was under maintenance. I was really looking forward to riding the Vuvuzela. The cost for the entrance ticket is quite expensive. It is RM120 for adults (12 yrs old and above) and RM90 for children below 11 years old and senior citizens. Sunway Lagoon also has dry attractions. The dry attractions are like roller coasters and other rides.

We recommend to those who have young children or those who don’t want to use up a lot of money, to go and visit Bayou Lagoon. It has fewer rides than Sunway Lagoon and the cost is cheap. But the park is really fun to visit. For those who have a lot of money and want to go on thrilling rides, we recommend you to go to Sunway Lagoon. When I went there, I didn’t want to go home. You can go skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice afterward.

Have fun at those water parks and be careful!

Tips to survive the first day of school

Yay!The first week of school is over. We can rest in bed this weekend. But don’t forget your homework. Today I’ll tell you how to survive the first day of school.

1. Go to school as early as possible. You need to go early to get a good view of the class. Then you’ll figure out where the best place to sit is. If you come late, you won’t get a good view of the class and you’ll have to sit in any seat that is free.

2. Sit at a place that you think is a good spot. Usually people like to sit in the front row so they can have a good view of the white board. But you sit where you think is comfortable. If you like to have a quick nap, sit next to a wall. If you want to get the teacher’s attention, sit in the middle row.

3. Sit next to someone you are comfortable with. Sit next to your old friends from last year’s class. Talk to them and get used to them again.

4. Make lots of friends. Make friends with your new class. Go and have break with them and pal up with them when there are group work.

5. Be nice to new pupils. Let them tag around us wherever we go so they know where to go at what time. Help them get used to the school.

She just died!

Yesterday, on the 8th of January 2015, my cat Miu died. It was a really shocking moment. I was really sad for the whole evening. I cried and cried in bed last night.

I just got back from cycling with my cousin and found her lying under my grandfather’s car. My grandfather pulled out his car because he needed to go somewhere. I tried to hold Miu but she was frozen stiff. That’s when we found out she was dead.

We don’t know why she died. She didn’t get run over by my grandfather’s car. My dad said she maybe had a sick or had a disease. The day before she died, she just lay down and didn’t want to eat. She just sniffed the food and ran. When I tried stroking her, she just backed away.

I felt I have been torn apart. It isn’t the same without Miu. Then me and my family buried her outside our house. The rain was pouring heavily that time. So I had to hold the umbrella for my dad. He dug a deep hole and buried Miu inside it. That was the last time I saw Miu.

I hope I will get to see her again in paradise. Have you experienced this moment before?

Countdown to First Day of School

8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…School!!! Only a few more days to school. January is a really tough month. Getting books wrapped, ironing clothes and getting used to the new class and teachers. I’m going to be in Year 5 soon, so that means I’ll be in the middle of my category.

The first day of school is usually the day when we choose our seats. Be careful where you sit, you’ll be sitting there for the whole year. The best position in the class is in the middle of the second row. You can see the whiteboard easily and you always have someone next to you on both sides.

The first day of school is also the day when you meet your new friends. Usually, you will go with the person sitting next to you when it’s break time. Or maybe you will go and eat with your friends in your previous class.

This is what happens on the first day of school. How’s your first day of school?

3 Signs That Your Cat Is Happy

Just like us, animals express how they feel through body language as well as sound.Cats use many different parts of their body to show us how they’re feeling. Here are 3 signs your cat is feeling happy.

1. Tail Position. The tail can tell you a lot about how a cat is feeling. A happy cat raises its tail straight up. A cat may still be happy if their tail is up the in air with the tip curled. It just means that they feel a bit unsure.

2. Ears. A cat is relaxed when their ears are facing forward, but tilted back just slightly. When a cat’s ears are flattened or lowered, this means they are feeling fearful or anxious. When one ear is flattened, but the other is not, they feel unsure of what’s around them.

3. Posture.  You can tell your cat is happy when they sleep with their paws tucked under. This tells you they feel relaxed and at home in their environment as well as with who is in that environment. A cat that is feeling aggressive will straighten it’s legs and erect the hair along their spine.

3 Ways To Look After A Cat

Some people have pets. I have a pet too. She is a cat and her name is Miu. I look after her everyday. She is a very cute little cat but she is very fat. today I’ll tell you how to look after a cat.

1. Give them food, water and shelter. Give your cat a place to rest and live. Give her food 3 times a day. Make sure their water bowl is always full with fresh water.

2. Give them a toilet. Give your pet a place to let out their poop. I don’t mean give them a toilet bowl. Just place some sand outside your house and train them to go there every time they need to poo.

3. Give them your love. A cat needs attention from their owners. Give them your love and play with them everyday. Stroke them and and let them lie down beside you.

Now you know what your cat needs. It needs food and water, love and a private area. Take care of your cat and treat them like your friend.


I’m on ice!

Yesterday, me and my family went ice skating. We went there really early so that there are still ice skates left. This is a poem about ice skating. I hope you enjoy it.


People love to go skating, across the ice;

It may be rather chilly, but it’s just so nice.

People wrapped up in coats, gloves and scarves,

Share each other’s company, and also some laughs.


The skaters’ noses turn rosy pink,

As they make their way around the huge ice rink.

Some of the first time skaters, tumble and fall,

And they just can’t seem to get the hang of it all.


You may think that little boys are slow,

But they can really go, go, go.

From all the practice by the walls,

They didn’t even slip and fall.


I need to be first in line!

Today, me, my family and my two cousins went to IOI City Mall. We went there because we heard that there was an ice rink. It was ages since we went ice skating at Cardiff, UK when I was still five years old.

When we arrived, we looked for a restaurant to eat lunch. We went to eat at a shop called Nando’s. It is famous for it’s Peri-Peri chicken. After eating, we headed for the prayer room.

After praying, we went to the 1st floor to buy tickets to enter the ice rink.After queuing a long queue, we found out the only ice skates that were left were only size 8. Even my dad’s foot is one size smaller that that. 

So we were very disappointed and headed home. We were determined to be first in line tommorow morning. We are planning to wake really early and get ready to go ice skating.

That’s it for tonight. Goodnight everyone…

3 Reasons Why You Must Watch ‘Big Hero 6′

Have you watched the movie ‘Big Hero 6′ yet? If you haven’t, then this post will give you a hint about what you will learn after watching this movie. There are three reasons why you must watch this movie.

1. There were extremely funny parts! The movie was really tickling my tummy. The funny parts were really great, especially Baymax’s parts! I loved it when Baymax said ‘Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. I heard the sound of distress, what is the problem? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?’

2. The movie teaches good values.  The movie is filled with good values. One good value is when Tadashi Hamada didn’t give up to create Baymax. Another is when Hiro and his friends were seeking justice before revenge. Hiro found the reason why Prof. Callaghan want to seek revenge on Krei.

3. It has a happy ending. Everyone loves happy ending. Any person of any age will treasure the moment watching a happy ending. The ending of ‘ Big Hero 6′ might make you cry with joy….

Don’t forget to catch Big Hero 6 at the cinema! Enjoy watching this great movie….bye!