How to create a free website using Weebly (part 1)

Most websites are sold for a few dollars but what if you have just started and wanted a free website. The answer is simple. Just go to and register your email address. Sign up by entering a username.

Step 1: After you sign up, you have to choose your website’s category. There are lots of categories to choose from. Personal, group, wedding and many more. This helps Weebly meet your needs more better.

Step 2: Then the screen will show a page that says ‘My Sites’. Then click the ‘edit’ button to customize your website and start writing articles.

Step 3: Weebly will ask you what the focus of your site is. They give you 3 choices. Blog, store or site. But no matter what you choose, you will have access to all the special features.

Step 4: After that, you will have to choose a theme for your website. You will get a great number of choices. You can use any styles or any colours and still change them after you have published your site.

To Be Continued…

To learn the rest of the steps, stay tuned until tomorrow’s edition….Bye

A time to spend with our family

The holy month of Ramadhan has passed very quickly. All muslims have completed one of the pillars of Islam. Ramadhan is the month of ‘Jihad’ and after Ramadhan comes the month of victory, Syawal….

Since Eid is the time to spend time with your family, normally muslims will go to their hometown a few days before Eid. The day before Eid, all the women will be cooking lots and lots of delicious food to be eaten the next day. After Maghrib prayer, everyone will ‘Takbeer’ from house to house together.

When we wake up the next day, we will all be very excited because we know the day has come. A day full of blessings, a time to spend with our family and a time to celebrate the victory of the Ramadhan Jihad.

On that day everyone will be eating, drinking, apologizing to others and ziarah. Ziarah is meeting with relatives, neighbours and friends and visiting their house. Remember, visit your friends and neighbours and don’t forget to spend time with your family on Eidul Fitri…

Eid Mubarak!  From: Dina and Friends <3

It was all my fault!!

Last week, when me and my family arrived from my father’s grandma’s house, we went to eat at a restaurant at Bangi Gateway. After we finished dining, my parents wanted to go to the grocery store. But my little brother wanted to go to the games arcade. So my mum told me to look after my brother at the arcade while she and my dad went shopping.

While my brother was playing a game, me and my sister went to another game to play. That was a big mistake. Because after we finished playing we found out that my brother was gone. We searched everywhere in the arcade. After that we went downstairs to check if he was with my parents. He wasn’t. So we all looked for him everywhere in the shopping mall. But he was nowhere to be seen.

After hours of searching, a security guard found him waiting for us at the car. We all rushed down to the parking lot to find him and thank god he was there. He was really smart to hide behind the car and stay quiet so bad people wont kidnap him. I’m glad I found my brother.

It was my fault that he ran away. He said he ran away from the arcade because he didn’t see me and my sister so he thought we already went downstairs and left him. I didn’t look after him properly. But now, I promise I will look after my siblings properly from now on. I love my family. I will remember this tragedy as a lesson for me to be more responsible.

Considering Buying Elenco’s Snap Circuits? Read This First!

Elenco’s Snap Circuits Kit is the ideal kit to get your child on the road to understanding electricity. This kit includes  games, sirens, projects activated by clapping or light, and projects that introduce digital circuits. There is also an instruction manual that is easy to read and includes instructions for 101 projects.

This set includes a couple switches, different types of lights, a DC motor, a battery holder, some sound components, a speaker and some other components and wires.  There are three kits that are more advanced, but you can also get upgrade kits to take each to the next level.

This kit is safe for children and easy to use. Kids won’t get an electricity shock while playing with the kit. Everything just snaps together like building blocks, and there’s no need for screwdrivers or other tools. There are lots of different projects to build.

The instruction manual is easy to read.  With a little help for the first few projects, a child can easily work their way through the book with only a little of adult supervision. The child can easily build the projects by looking at the pictures in the manual

No product, no matter how good, can do everything, including the Elenco Electronic Snap Circuit Kit. This kit also has some downsides. Some projects may make some loud noises. The smallest kit has the least amount of components.

The kit contains only one single resistor, no capacitors, and no transistors. But you can maybe get those in the upgrade sets.The kit has very fun projects but just don’t give it to a kid that might swallow the pieces.

If you buy this kit, you now know what the kit includes and the ups and downs about this kit. The kit has really easy projects to build by reading the illustrated manual. And the best part is, everything just snaps together without having to use a screwdriver. Have fun with the Elenco Electronic Snap Circuit Kit!


Sea, Fish and Coconuts

A few days ago, me and my family went to Pulau Payar to go snorkelling. We woke up very early to get ready because the bus arrives at 8 o’clock. The bus took us to the jetty. Then we went aboard the boat. The boat ride took 3 hours. It was so boring but luckily, they played a movie on the TV.

When we arrived at Pulau Payar, a man told us all about the rules. After that we all went to a table and collected our snorkeling gear. We used big goggles and a tube for breathing. At first, I didn’t know how to use the tube and I swallowed lots of sea water. It tasted horrible. It was easier after I practiced.

There were a lot of fish. There were even some lemon sharks but I didn’t go near them. We swam all the way to a floating platform. Then we swam all the way back to the shore to have lunch. After that we fed bread to the fishes.

After that we went back to the middle of the sea. We saw an empty treasure box. When I went back to my brother, he was holding something big and brown. I thought it was a fish so I screamed! When I found out that it was just a coconut, I laughed out loud at myself.

Then, when we were looking at the corals, my brother vomited in the sea because he accidently drank sea water. Suddenly the puke was gone and there were fishes surrounding us. Then we realised that the fish ate the vomit. Again, I laughed and laughed because it was so funny.

After that, we went back home. What a day! This is my snorkelling adventure. Tell me about yours.

Why My Dad Is So Special

I have a great dad named Nor Azhan. My dad is a 40-year-old web developer. My dad is the best because he is smart, loving and strong. I don’t know how I can live without my dad.

My dad is super-smart in his work. With technology at his fingertips, he can make lots of money in no time. My dad can get lots of money with just working using a computer. He doesn’t have a job that he needs to get up early in the morning and go to work everyday. That kind of work is tiring. My dad made a smart choice of choosing his job.

My dad loves everyone in my family. He is a loving man that takes care of his family properly. He makes sure that my family have enough basic requirements. My dad also takes care of us from any harm. My dad keeps us safe because he loves us.

My dad is super. He can lift lots of heavy things by himself. He is not only strong on the outside, he is also strong with imaan. In any situation, my dad always put prayer as his first priority. My dad is always strong when Allah The Almighty is testing him with any challenges.

My dad is special because he always makes a smart choice and because he is super-strong on the inside and outside. He is also the most special dad because he has a warm, loving heart. My dad is super-special. I Love My Dad! Thank you for being the most special dad, Daddy!

How Great My Mum Is

My super-mum is Zubaida. She is 38-year-old MMU lecturer. She is the best mum in the whole world. She is very caring, supportive and hardworking. She is always there when I need her.

My mum is the most caring woman you can find on this earth. She cares for everyone in the family. Who do you think has been feeding, cleaning and has always been there for you since you were a baby? It can’t be anyone else except your mother. My mum did just the same.

I’ve been entering competitions, races and contests since I was small. Every time I need someone to support me, my mum is always there for me. She has also been supporting me when I write on this blog ever since this blog existed. My mum has been supporting me in everything that I do.

You’ll never meet someone more hardworking than my mum. She does most of the housework but she never moans when she does the chores. She works non-stop either at home or at work. Dr. Zubaida Yusoff is excellent in what she does at work. She is also the most hardworking mum ever.

My mum is the best mum in the whole world because she is very hardworking, supportive and caring. Thank you for always being there for me Mama! I Love You!

So Many Cats!

Me and my family have took care of lots of cats. some of those cats were not our cats but we still gave them food, water and lots of love. Most of the cats are gone now because they ran away. I miss all the cats because I looked after them since they were still kittens.

The first cat that came to our house was a grey cat. We called her ‘Mama Cat’ because she gave birth to most of the cats that were at our house. Before Mama Cat gave birth to her kittens, an orange cat came to our house, his name was Mau. After Mama Cat’s kittens have grown a little bit, she brought her kittens to some place and after that she and her kittens didn’t come back.

After Mama Cat left, Mau was left alone. After a while, we found many homeless kittens. One of the kittens were called Miu. We looked after them until they grew up. But when the kittens were older, they ran away. The only cats left at our house were Mau and Miu. Mau and Miu were the only cats that were loyal and thankful to us. They were the only cats who we called them our pets.

After a few months, Miu died. She was found frozen stiff under my grandfather’s car. It was a very sad afternoon. Miu was one of the best cats we owned. soon, Mau was left alone. But a few weeks before today we found another homeless kitten. She was named May.

Now the only cats that are with us are Mau and May. From having dozens of kittens and cats, we are only left with two loyal cats. We love them with all our hearts. I love my cat, what about you?

Why MSG is bad for you

MSG is also known as monosodium glutamate. This can appear on a food label under many names, such as sodium glutamate, MSG, monosodium glutamate, gelatin, glutamate and glutamic acid.

Whatever type of reaction or sensitivity one may experience is going to be greater in people such as children, the unborn and the elderly. Because a child’s brain is still developing, they are very fragile to any damage from chemicals that cross the blood-brain barrier.

The problem with MSG is that it tricking the taste buds, changing your opinion of how the food tastes, to make you desire that food and want more of it. It can add the flavour of a food, and is cheap to make. Some experts find it has addictive stuff, similar to alcohol and tobacco. Some experts feel MSG can lead to weight gain.

Now you know why MSG is bad for you. It can damage a child’s brain and can lead to gain weight. I hope you will be more careful when you buy your food in the future. Make sure that you check the ingredient list on the back of the food packet. If you have checked that it’s safe, you can eat that food all you like.


Holiday on sand

The school holidays are here! We have two days to spend with our family and friends. Iv’e just finished taking my exams so now I’m just waiting for the results. So to get rid of the stress, me and my family are going to go on holiday!

We’re going to Langkawi from 3rd June to 8th June. We’re staying there for 5 nights at Aseania Resort. The resort provides luxury facilities, has a mini water park and serves great food. I can’t wait to go to Langkawi.

I can’t wait to go snorkeling and seeing all the beautiful corals and colourful fish. We will be doing activities at the beach almost everyday. I think that even if I go swimming everyday, I won’t get exhausted because i’m too excited. My mum told me to take lots of photos when we’re there so I can write about the holiday.

My dad said if I want to go to Langkawi, he will bring us there only if I finish my tasks. My first task is to behave and to show that I deserve to go on holiday. My second task is to write some posts on my blog. This blog post counts as one of the posts that I have to write.

I can’t wait to relax on my holiday. I hope that this holiday will be great and hope that I am safe when I arrive in Langkawi. What are you doing this school holiday?