When I Think About It, I Get Excited

I’m so excited because I’m almost going to be in Year 5. No more getting bossed around by the older kids in my category. Every day I check that I have everything for school. But there are a few things that are not complete.

I don’t know what class I’m going to be put in. I hope I’ll be put in the first class because the classroom is in the best position. It’s on the ground floor and in front of the class is a wide open space.

I’ve been filling my pencil cases with pens, pencils and other stationary. I need to wrap all my textbooks and notebooks. My bag is all full with books and other stuff.

Have you prepared for 2015?

I’m a De’Ranch Cowgirl

A few weeks ago, me and my family safely landed back in Malaysia. We said our goodbyes to Bandung. It was really fun having a vacation there. One of the best experiences in Bandung is visiting De’Ranch.

When we arrived, it was raining. So when we bought our tickets we looked for some indoor activities. There was a row of tiny boats with roofs on top. We bought tickets for that. We had to turn the paddles to make the boat move. My boat was always goes where I don’t want to go. I end up near the mossy fountain if I don’t watch out.

Then we went to pray in a room above the roof. It was like a tree-house, only it was a prayer room. After praying, the rain softened a little. So I asked the ticket counter woman if me and my siblings could ride the horses. She said we could since the rain isn’t heavy anymore.

So me and my siblings got to ride on horses. I rode on a black horse with a brown mane. We got to wear cowboy and cowgirl costumes. After that, we got some drinks and left. What fun we had at De’Ranch.

If you like adventures like these ones, when you visit Bandung, don’t forget to ask your family to bring you to De’Ranch.

5 Places to Bring your Children in Bandung, Indonesia

In Bandung, there are many places to visit. But, there are a few places that you must bring your children to. If you don’t, your holiday won’t be valid. Go to these places and you won’t want to leave.

1. Rumah Mode.  This factory outlet is bursting with cute kiddie clothes and shoes. There are garments for boys and girls. There are also clothes for adults. You can find gorgeous jeans for your children here.

2.Natural Resto and Strawberry Land.  This strawberry farm has the largest and most qualified strawberry farm in Lembang. Enjoy the freshness of the fruits which are planted without using any of artificial fertilizer.

3. Anakecil. Anakecil is a factory outlet selling only children’s clothes. The shelves are full with designer t-shirts and jeans. They sell the finest jeans for little boys. My mum bought some for my brother.

4. De’Ranch.  De’Ranch is a cheap and affordable place for riding horses. However, there was not much activities to do because we went when it was raining. We did play some games like archery and went on a little boat on the lake. Luckily, the rain wasn’t so heavy when we were about to leave so I got to ride on a big black horse.

5. KartikaSari. This bakery sells the most delicious cakes. There are muffins, cupcakes and cookies. They also have stuffed shelves of donuts and brownies. The chocolates here are scrumptious.

So don’t miss your chance of going to these awesome attractions when you’re in Bandung with your kids. Have a safe trip!


What’s Gonna Work?……Teamwork!

The community will be friendlier, the school safer, and the area a nicer and more comfortable place to live only if we have a good relationship with our friends. Listen to this story about a raindrop and take lessons from the good values.

Once upon a time there was a little drop of water who dreamed of becoming a snowflake and turning the landscape white. Years passed,and then there was a great drought which evaporated the little drop from the lake where he lived. When he reached the sky, he became part of a small cloud. As soon as the weather turned cold, the little drop looked for a nice bit of countryside where he could fall, and help cover the place in snow.

But only a little bit of snow fell, and as soon as it touched the ground, it melted.And there the little drop had to remain, waiting for the sun’s rays to shine again, and send him back up to the clouds. When the sun shone, the little drop ascended once more, turned to snow again, and down he fell. Again, just after landing, he melted.

Finally, the little drop went and joined a great big cloud, where millions of other drops had crowded together. Despite being gigantic,conditions in that cloud were rather uncomfortable. “Biggest drops at the bottom! Smallest drops at the top! Come on, come on! There’s no time to waste…” The little drop wasn’t keen on all this, and he considered falling down to Earth again, but a nice, friendly drop next to him managed to talk him out of it.

“All of us here love being snow, and covering the land for days. Years ago I would try doing it on my own, but I learned I couldn’t manage it without help. I found this nice cloud, and thanks to our teamwork, we’ve made some of the best snowfalls ever! “A little later, both drops were flying down through the sky as snowflakes, surrounded by millions and millions of other flakes, turning the green fields white.

And with great joy, our little drop realized that when everyone worked together they could achieve what had at first seemed impossible. Now you know, to achieve something big, you must have teamwork.

He’s not worthy to be my neighbor!

The community will be friendlier, the neighborhood safer, and the area a nicer and more comfortable place to live only if we have a good relationship with our neighbor. Listen to this story about two men and take lessons from the good values.

There once was a rich man. He was known through all the city for his wealth. He had a neighbor who was a poor man. He owned a small wooden house beside a well. But unlike the rich man, he was kind and trustworthy.

The rich man hated to live next door to a poor man. He never spoke to the poor man. He thought the poor man was not worthy to speak to him. Even when the poor man was sick, he wouldn’t pay a visit to him. But the poor man didn’t mind.

One day the poor man slept late. When he looked out of the window facing the rich man’s house, he saw a black figure stealing some precious ornaments. The poor man informed the police.Half an hour later, the thief was caught.

The rich man thanked the poor man and realized that what he did to the poor man was wrong. He apologized to the poor man. From that moment on the two neighbors cared for each other. The rich man always invites the poor man to come to his house.

We should not be arrogant to our neighbors. Be kind to them and be there when they need us. Treat your neighbors nicely and you’ll get treated the same way….Treat Your Neighbors Well!!

5 Ways To Make Your Friend Happy

Do you want to be a super best friend but don’t know how or where to start that perfect friendship? Have you fallen out with your best mate and want to prove how nice you can be if they’ll forgive you? No matter what reason you have, this article will help you become a great best friend.

1. Give a meaningful gift. Surprise your friend with a gift. As a muslim, it is compulsory to give what is needed by our neighbors and friends.

2. Help out a friend. Has your friend just moved in? Help carry the heavy boxes into the house. Take them around the neighborhood and let him explore the town.

3. Trust each other. Share your thoughts and feelings with your friend. When they are in a  big problem, help solve the mystery. Don’t let them feel stressed out.

4. Say something nice behind their back. In Islam, it is forbidden to say something bad about a person behind their back. It is very nice of a friend to say something good behind their back.

5. Be Trustworthy. If your friend tells you a secret, and you have promised not to tell anyone, keep your word. Don’t embarrass your friend in front of the whole school. As a muslim, we must keep our promises.

5 Ways To Be A Better Sister

Whether you’re the older, middle or youngest sister and whether you’re still living with your siblings or you’re living away, being a good sister requires tolerance, patience and a willingness to find the time to connect.

1. Being Thoughtful. Remember your sibling’s birthday. Surprise them with presents to make them feel happy. Excite them with a party and invite their friends. You will be as happy as your siblings.

2. Help your sibling do work. When you see your sibling doing homework, ask the if they need help. Then sit beside them and teach them what they want to know. Help them whether it’s housework or homework. hb blog

3. Spend time with your siblings.  Run around with them. Bring them to the playground. Arrange sibling trips and bring them on vacation.

4.Keeping the peace. Make it a rule not to tease your siblings. Learn to compromise. Say sorry when you’ve hurt their feelings.

5. Stand up for your sibling. When you see your sibling being bullied at school, do something fast. Tell the bully to clear of or you’ll tell a teacher.

3 Simple Ways To Be A Better Child To Your Parents

A Muslim child should respect and appreciate his or her parents on a daily basis.Throughout the Quran, we notice that parents are mentioned with appreciation and respect.

1. Honor your parents. Don’t lie to them, and don’t do any sneaky stuff, because they know what you’re doing anyway. Respect them and don’t disobey their orders.

2. Get along with your family. Be kind to your brothers and sisters. Take them to the park so your mum and dad can rest at home.

3.Do as you would like to be done to you to your parents. Listen to your parents and make everyone feel good. Bring them to places they want to go as if repaying the price when your parents took you on a vacation.

Become a better child by listening to this advice and your family will Insyaallah, live happily ever after.

Two Goats

Over a river there was a very narrow bridge. One day a goat was crossing this bridge. Just at the middle of the bridge he met another goat. There was no room for them to pass.

“Go back,” said one goat to the other, “there is no room for both of us”.

“Why should I go back?”, said the other goat. “Why should not you go back?”

” You must go back”, said the first goat, “because I am stronger than you.”

“You are not stronger than I”, said the second goat.

“We will see about that”, said the first goat, and he put down his horns to fight.

“Stop!”, said the second goat. ” If we fight, we shall both fall into the river and be drowned. Instead I have a plan- I shall lie down, and you may walk over me.”

Then the wise goat lay down on the bridge, and the other goat walked lightly over him. So they passed each other, and went on their ways.

The Hungry Mouse

A mouse was having a very bad time. She could find no food at all. She looked here and there, but there was no food, and she grew very thin.

At last the mouse found a basket, full of corn. There was a small hole in the basket, and she crept in. She could just get through the hole.Then she began to eat the corn. Being very hungry, she ate a great deal, and went on eating and eating. She had grown very fat before she felt that she had had enough.

When the mouse tried to climb out of the basket, she could not. She was too fat to pass through the hole.” How shall I climb out?” said the mouse. “oh, how shall I climb out?”Just then a rat came along, and he heard the mouse.”Mouse,” said the rat, “if you want to climb out of the basket, you must wait till you have grown as thin as you were when you went in.”