Is tidying your room a punishment or self-discipline?

Is tidying your room a punishment or self-discipline? A punishment and self-discipline are two things that are different. What is your opinion? I think that tidying your room is self-discipline.

Tidying your room is self-discipline because it teaches you to be independent. You also earn other benefits like the ability not to give up and other things we need to use to succeed in anything we do.

When you tidy your room you get positive benefits. When your mum calls you to tidy your room and you do it, you get a reward from your parents. You even get a reward from our Lord because listening to your parents is a good deed.

Tidying your room is not a punishment because a punishment does not give positive things. A punishment will only make us get tired and make us less encouraged to do anything. Self discipline is the opposite of punishment.

A punishment will not make you gain positive stuff. Self discipline is entirely the opposite. We will learn what we need to do if we want to succeed. Now you know that tidying your room is self-discipline. So when your mum tells you to tidy your room you will do it straight away.



What is discipline? Why is it so important?

Have you heard about discipline? Maybe your parents are always nagging you because you don’t have self discipline? Well today you can learn the importance of having discipline. You will learn that tidying your room is not a waste of time.

People often confuse ‘discipline’ with ‘punishment’, but they are quite different. Discipline is about teaching. It helps a child learn what is expected and to learn how to control their own behaviour.

You don’t need to punish children to teach them. They learn best when they feel safe and secure and ‘good’ behaviour is encouraged. The key is having a close relationship with your child as well as clear rules for them to follow.

You might think that tidying your bed and wardrobe is just wasting your time. It is actually your training for self discipline. Self discipline is important because it is the path to success an achievement.

Life puts challenges and problems on the path to success and achievement. Because of that, you have to act with perseverance, self control and the ability not to give up, and this of course, requires self-discipline.

Now you know the importance of self discipline. I hope you guys will have success to what you wanted to achieve with the help of self discipline. With self discipline, Inshaallah you will succeed.

The mouse and the lion

Once when a Lion was asleep, a little Mouse began running up and down upon him. This soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

“Pardon, O King Of the Jungle!” cried the little Mouse, “Forgive me this time. I shall never repeat it and I shall never forget your kindness. And who knows, but I may be able to do you a good turn one of these days?”The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him, that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

Sometime later a few hunters captured the King and tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on.Just then the little Mouse happened to pass by, and seeing the sad plight in which the Lion was, ran up to him and soon gnawed away the ropes that bound the King of the Beasts. “Was I not right?” said the little Mouse, very happy to help the Lion.


The Adventure of a Great Imam

Muhammad ibnu Idris Al-Syafie or also known as Imam Al-Syafie was born in Gaza, Palestine near a town called ‘Asqalan. He was born in the year 150 AH.

After two years, his mother brought him to Mecca to visit their family. He was thrilled to go on his first journey. On the journey, his mother told him to love learning from teachers. He had a good memory since he was a boy. He managed to memorize the whole Quran.

After memorizing the Quran, he decided to learn Hadith and Fiqh. He went to Medina to learn Fiqh with the famous Imam Malik. After learning, he went out of town to teach the Fiqh that he learned from Imam Malik.

When he went to Iraq to teach his Hadith and Fiqh, many people came to learn from him. He became the center of attention of all the world. Muslims went on a long journey just to learn his Fiqh.

Unfortunately, with all his hard work teaching for a whole day, he didn’t get enough rest until he got a disease. After that, he died because his disease was not properly treated. Everyone was sad when he left this world.

That’s the end of the story. bye


Greed will not earn you anything

There lived twin sisters called Lily and Sarah! They were identical twins, even their mother found it too hard to tell the difference between both of the twins. Lily was very generous while Sarah was greedy.

As they grew up, their father wanted to share his fortune equally. However, Sarah did not agree and she argued that whoever is more intelligent and strong, will gain higher share of wealth than the other. Lily agreed. Their father decided to organize a competition between the two sisters

Their father told the two daughters to walk as long as they can and they should return home before the sunset. Whoever walks the longer distance and returns home before sunset will get huge amount of wealth.

Both started to walk a long way during a sunny day. Lily walked slowly and steadily, while Sarah urged to win over Lily and started to run instantly. It was mid-day and Lily decided to return back as he could reach home on time.

However, Sarah with her greediness to earn more wealth, did not turn her way back home even after mid-day. She walked two times longer distance that what Lily was covered and decided to return back before the sunset. She hurried to return home as the sun turned orange in the evening. Unfortunately, she could not even make half way to home and the moon rises.

She lost the race and was defeated because of greediness! Now you know greed will not earn you anything. However, it will lead to a great disaster.

How to Make Your Room Look as Beautiful as You

Does your room need a makeover? Are the walls so dull and boring? Don’t worry, because today we will learn to ‘ Make Your Room Look As Beautiful As You’. In a few hours, you will be decorating your room and once you have finished it will be astonishing. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the walls.

You can use some bright wallpaper to liven up your walls. You can buy them at the nearest wallpaper store. If you want to have wallpaper on all your walls, try sticking with one theme for the wallpaper so the walls will match with every other wall. With all that funky wallpaper, your room will be astounding. You might get an award for ‘the best looking bedroom’.

If your room is just plain white or beige, then it will not be mistake if you choose to paint it. You just need to buy some cans of colorful paints and a paintbrush and you’ll be ready to get messy. Choose a wall to paint and just dab your paintbrush into the can of paint and brush away. Try to paint in one direction to get a wonderful surprise after you’ve finished. You can paint a wall in one color or draw some rainbows and animals. Your children would love it if you painted their room with lots of pictures.

Do you like stickers? Well, I do. I decorate my room with them and you can too.  You can buy some stickers at any shop, then stick them all over your room. Hang the posters you have above your bed and on the bedroom door. You can stick some stickers on your wardrobe door and also on the ceiling! Your room will be very colorful.

Click here for ideas for your room

Now you know how to ‘Make Your Room Look As Beautiful As You’. Just decorate the room with stuff like fun posters and stickers, wallpaper and paints and some photos of yourself. Your room will be the best in the house. Everyone that goes into your room won’t even want to go out. Have fun with those decorations!

Why Time Management is Important

What is time management and why is it so important? Time management is keeping track of your time. It is very important because it is the number one skill you need to learn if you want to become successful.

If you study and practice time management you take your life in your own hands. Your in control and you decide where you want to go to or what you want to do. Successful people become successful because they know how to manage their time. If you see rich people with a big car and house, they are practicing time management.

When you practice time management, you will get extra free time. To do that, you must make a schedule of the things you need to do. The schedule should include where you need to go and what you need to do at any time of the day. It can be like a chart or a list. When you don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go to, you can enjoy that free time. You can go out with your family, visit your friends or reward yourself by going to cinema.

Once you get the hang of making daily schedules, you can work, learn and play easily. You will get to finish your paperwork, go to your evening classes and play with your friends. Me and my family practice time management and we live a happy life up to this day.

Now you know why time management is important. Practicing time management has lots of benefits. You will have more free time with your family, you will keep track of your time and you will be able to control your everyday life.

Bayou Lagoon vs. Sunway Lagoon

We all love going on holiday. Bayou Lagoon and Sunway Lagoon are good places to visit with your family. Today we will compare those two water parks and see which one is better worth going. We will see what the differences and the similarities are.

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort is placed in Malacca, Malaysia. There is also a hotel beside the water park. When I went there, my family didn’t stay at the hotel. Bayou Lagoon has some thrilling slides to ride on. There is a 5-lane slide to ride with your family members. This slide was really fun because we felt like flying.. When my mum tried it, she didn’t go for a second time. The cost of the entrance ticket is quite cheap. The cost for one person is RM10. Children below 3 feet can go in free.

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Sunway Lagoon is one of the largest water parks in Malaysia. There are plenty of rides to ride try. Sunway Lagoon is famous with it’s Vuvuzela. The Vuvuzela is the world’s largest water slide. But unfortunately, when my family went there, it was under maintenance. I was really looking forward to riding the Vuvuzela. The cost for the entrance ticket is quite expensive. It is RM120 for adults (12 yrs old and above) and RM90 for children below 11 years old and senior citizens. Sunway Lagoon also has dry attractions. The dry attractions are like roller coasters and other rides.

We recommend to those who have young children or those who don’t want to use up a lot of money, to go and visit Bayou Lagoon. It has fewer rides than Sunway Lagoon and the cost is cheap. But the park is really fun to visit. For those who have a lot of money and want to go on thrilling rides, we recommend you to go to Sunway Lagoon. When I went there, I didn’t want to go home. You can go skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice afterward.

Have fun at those water parks and be careful!

Tips to survive the first day of school

Yay!The first week of school is over. We can rest in bed this weekend. But don’t forget your homework. Today I’ll tell you how to survive the first day of school.

1. Go to school as early as possible. You need to go early to get a good view of the class. Then you’ll figure out where the best place to sit is. If you come late, you won’t get a good view of the class and you’ll have to sit in any seat that is free.

2. Sit at a place that you think is a good spot. Usually people like to sit in the front row so they can have a good view of the white board. But you sit where you think is comfortable. If you like to have a quick nap, sit next to a wall. If you want to get the teacher’s attention, sit in the middle row.

3. Sit next to someone you are comfortable with. Sit next to your old friends from last year’s class. Talk to them and get used to them again.

4. Make lots of friends. Make friends with your new class. Go and have break with them and pal up with them when there are group work.

5. Be nice to new pupils. Let them tag around us wherever we go so they know where to go at what time. Help them get used to the school.

She just died!

Yesterday, on the 8th of January 2015, my cat Miu died. It was a really shocking moment. I was really sad for the whole evening. I cried and cried in bed last night.

I just got back from cycling with my cousin and found her lying under my grandfather’s car. My grandfather pulled out his car because he needed to go somewhere. I tried to hold Miu but she was frozen stiff. That’s when we found out she was dead.

We don’t know why she died. She didn’t get run over by my grandfather’s car. My dad said she maybe had a sick or had a disease. The day before she died, she just lay down and didn’t want to eat. She just sniffed the food and ran. When I tried stroking her, she just backed away.

I felt I have been torn apart. It isn’t the same without Miu. Then me and my family buried her outside our house. The rain was pouring heavily that time. So I had to hold the umbrella for my dad. He dug a deep hole and buried Miu inside it. That was the last time I saw Miu.

I hope I will get to see her again in paradise. Have you experienced this moment before?